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Here's our story!

About NiCE

Our ministry started in 2000 by providing funding, school supplies, construction, and equipment to help Christian schools educate Christian leaders for Nicaragua. We started with Child Sponsorship and the belief that by sponsoring a child, we could change a life--forever.  This work is supported by individuals and churches around the U.S. who sponsor our school children. Our schools are in very poor neighborhoods and we struggle to keep their doors open. The reality of life for these children is hard for us to comprehend as 35% of the children in Nicaragua do not attend school, and 66% of those that do will not complete 6th grade.  


FEED NICARAGUA is another one of the ministries of the NiCE Foundation. It began when we observed that the children in the schools and churches we work with were suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Our NiCE food packages are a rice-soy casserole fortified with 21 essential vitamins and minerals, 6 dehydrated vegetables, plus chicken flavoring. The meals are provided by churches and other organizations that sponsor the meal packings, provide the volunteers to pack the meals, and fund the 35 cents per meal cost. Currently, we are supplying nearly 75,000 meals per month.

Additionally, NiCE helps equip other ministries in Nicaragua, always with the goal of fostering independence rather than creating dependency. We help churches with funding for construction, furnishings, Christian materials, and leadership and Bible training. We are a part of the support network for a number of other existing ministries in Nicaragua. We are a group of multi-denominational, multi-cultural Christians, both in the U.S. and Nicaragua, working together for God’s kingdom.


A growing number of volunteers operate the foundation, based at our warehouse in Highland, Illinois.  If you would like more information on our mission trips, how to start a food packing event, or how you can be a volunteer, please contact us!

Meet The Team

Duane and Linda Rensberry

Missions Team


Child Sponsorship Coordinators

The Rensberrys moved to The NiCE Foundation to help direct missions trips and serve as translators for different teams. They also communicate information between NiCE and our Nicaraguan partners for programs such as Feed Nicaragua and the child sponsorship program. 

Tony Picado

Head Coordinator of Nicaraguan Operations 

Tony is our driver, translator and coordinator in Nicaragua. He takes care of everything we need while in Nicaragua and makes sure our missions teams have a safe, enjoyable trip.

Shirley Beltz


Shirley started The NiCE Foundation with her late husband, Bill Beltz. Together, they turned The NiCE Foundation from nothing into a fully functioning organization. Now she is happily retired and enjoys traveling to see family and friends with her cats.

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