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The Reopening of the Nazarene Bible Institute

In January 2020, the Seminary in Nicaragua is scheduled to reopen! Their goal is to train pastors for the building of the Kingdom in Nicaragua. The Nazarene Bible Institute has a rich history of training pastors. The dream of reopening has flamed in the hearts of pastors, missionaries and church leaders for many years. So far there are 12 students from the four districts in Nicaragua who will be participating in this three-year program. 

Plans to open the Nicaragua campus of the Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary moved one step forward as representatives from the seminary and Nicaragua’s Nazarene Bible Institute met. Leaders from NBI met with the Board of Regents (composed of the Nicaraguan district superintendents), consultant Roberto Hogdson, and representatives of the Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary, including the director, Ulises Solis; Chaplain Ernesto Bello, and Academic Director Franlym Peña. 

The goal of the meeting was to continue working on the plans to open a satellite campus of the Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary in Nicaragua. For Nicaraguans, it is a reopening of the Nazarene Bible Institute. In this meeting, the delegates established student admission prerequisites and the student selection process. They also approved the 2020 curriculum while establishing and approving the annual budget for the campus.


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NiCE Foundation, 1405 Walnut Street, Highland, IL 62249


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